• The ASCASO STEEL UNO VERSATILE coffee machine is made of stainless steel. It is a professional machine most often used in the office, at home, or in cafes. Its workmanship is high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, and brass with a minimum amount of plastic. Inspired by the industrial city spirit. The qualities of the machine make it a real professional machine, created for use in a home environment. Working with it is easy, and the coffee is professionally prepared! This model is made of 100% stainless steel, combined to work with filter doses and ground coffee.
  • Get a package price for this machine + 4 boxes of coffee floors x 25 pcs. Covim Gold Arabica and 2 boxes of ground coffee Covim Gold Arabica 0.250 kg.
Power: 1052 W
Water tank: 2 L
Height: 360 mm
Width: 270 mm
Depth: 315 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Voltage: 230 V