• TUBELLY is the only coffee machine that cares about the health of the consumer. Thanks to its GHA technology, the special anti-limescale agent, it is possible to enjoy all the aromas of coffee. In addition, thanks to the stabilization of the working pressure, the machine offers even extraction of coffee.
  • GHA is the latest and most innovative technology applicable to aluminum alloys. GHA has a Japanese patent and also a European patent № EP1207220. It consists of anodic oxidation followed by sealing of the micropores with silver ions. Gives the surfaces an anti-lime characteristic. GHA technology, applied in various food sectors, is mainly used in the coffee machine sector because it gives specific biotechnological properties to the surfaces of the components. They protect the machine from any contamination and do not allow harmful transport in water and coffee mixture.
  • With the easily adjustable position of the external water tank for maximum functionality!
  • The perfect solution for small and narrow spaces!
  • The machine works with a mono dose filter and is available in different colors.