VANDINO Espresso Oro – capsules "Lavazza Blue" 100 pcs.

  • Coffee capsules VANDINO Espresso Oro - for espresso with a great aroma and captivating senses.
  • 100% Arabica.
  • Soft capsules compatible with the "Lavazza Blue“ system.
  • Enjoy coffee with a pleasant aroma and a long lasting after - taste at an exclusive price!
  • Rich citrus aroma and a taste of chocolate and dried fruits. Light acidity, dense body and medium bitterness.
  • The product is produced and packaged in Italy.
  • 100 pcs. capsules/box.
Part of the VANDINO brand concept is its constant customer orientation. To maximize consumer demand, it also developed capsules for the “Lavazza Blue” system, suitable for use in small establishments and restaurants, offices and hotels or at home.
The VANDINO capsules will give you the opportunity to enjoy an espresso with a full cream, a pleasant aroma and a long - lasting aftertaste.