Coffee capsules and doses




“ZAGATTO” Ltd. offers a wide variety of high-quality coffee doses and coffee machines – for capsules or filter doses.
Filter doses – the coffee dose provides the best blends in a format that simplifies getting really good espresso. Here you can find unique flavors of coffee in the form of paper doses. We can also offer coffee capsules compatible with all types of systems: Nespresso, Lavazza Blue, Espresso Point, A Modo Mio, Caffitaly and Dolce Gusto.
Choosing coffee doses is a practical and extremely convenient solution for your office, home, or establishment. Coffee ideally retains its aroma and taste in an individual capsule or filter pod that opens immediately before consumption.
On our site you can view the full range of coffee doses from brands: COVIM, PERA, GARIBALDI, MIKO, VANDINO and coffee machines: SGL, ASCASO, PODSTAR, CAPSY, QUALITA and more.
Filter doses


Filter doses – innovation in the use of espresso machines that makes making the best coffee simple, easy and convenient. They are a paper filters, similar to a tea bag, containing an accurately measured amount of coffee, isolated from the surrounding air.
The filter doses provide the best blends of COVIM, PERA, MIKO and GARIBALDI in a format that simplifies getting really good espresso. Monodoses contain 7 grams of ground coffee – compressed and hermetically sealed between two thin layers of paper.
There are many advantages to favor using coffee at doses and here are some of them: espresso quality is prepared from the filter doses; the coffee remains fresh for longer; coffee doses require less cleaning and lead to less waste separation, coffee-making machines at doses are easier to use; preparing espresso coffee from coffee capsules or paper floors does not require the use of coffee grinders.
Filter doses are suitable for use in any café, bar, restaurant, and even hotel rooms, home or office.
“ZAGATTO” LTD offers a wide variety of coffee flavors at filter doses.
Coffee capsules


“ZAGATTO” LTD offers a wide variety of capsule coffees compatible with all types of systems.The capsules are suitable for use in any coffee, bar, restaurant, hotel, home or office. And here are some reasons that make them extremely attractive and would make your choices easier:

- Capsule coffee is prepared with high quality espresso.
- Coffee retains its taste and aroma properties longer.
- Coffee capsules require less cleaning and lead to less waste separation.
- Machines that work with capsule coffee are easier to use.

“ZAGATTO” LTD. has the claim to satisfy the needs of the consumer in all aspects. Here you will find an extremely rich assortment of coffee capsules that could satisfy even the most exquisite tastes!


The latest modern trends and innovative solutions in the coffee industry are related to coffee machines for coffee in doses. Their goal is as fast as possible and with minimal effort to make high-quality espresso. A new and unique solution for the most passionate connoisseurs of real Italian espresso, which can already be prepared under all conditions.
Good coffee contributes to a good mood at home, at work or outside, when it’s perfect made!
“ZAGATTO” LTD offers various coffee doses flavors, coffee machines for coffee capsules and coffee machines for coffee filter doses. Here you will find coffee machines of leading world brands in the industry – both new and second-hand.
We offer coffee machines with capsule systems and pod machines (filter paper doses) suitable for offices, small restaurants and the home.
“ZAGATTO” LTD is where you will find coffee machines for dosages that are manufactured with unique technologies and have an attractive design. They make the preparation of espresso easy, comfortable, clean and environmentally friendly!