From a long time, coffee doses has been gaining popularity worldwide. In the recent years, it has become more and more stable among Bulgarian fans of caffeinated beverages. As an innovative company, ZAGATTO strives to be always a step ahead and defend its leadership position in the industry, therefore, in line with global trends, for years we are offering to our clients coffee in a capsule or filter pods and a variety of coffee machines for doses. ZAGATTO offers coffee doses of the Italian brands COVIM, Pera, Garibaldi, Organic Coffee PURO and Belgium high quality MIKO espresso.

Positive aspects of coffee at doses are many: stored in this way, coffee keeps its aroma and qualities as long as possible. Dosages allow for a quick, clean and convenient preparation of your favorite drink.

We are the leading manufacturers of coffee makers – ASCASO and SGL. Our company also guarantees the excellent quality of second-hand recycled coffee machines at low prices. The easy portability of most models of coffee makers and the minimal cleaning effort makes them a preferred choice for both home and office use.