Welcome to Ho.Re.Ca sector


“ZAGATTO” LTD presents you the fastest growing sector in the coffee industry. Get to know the Ho.Re.Ca sector at and you could find a wide assortment of coffee beans, coffee doses, ground coffee, instant coffee of the world’s leading brands like COVIM, ICS, SIMAT, MIKO, PERA and others.
Here you can find the coffee machines that could turn the best coffee into an unforgettable taste pleasure that stays all day long. We are offering automatic coffee machines, bar machines, coffee machines for doses and coffee grinders, as well as new and second hand coffee machines – recycled from the brands: NECTA (N&W Global Vending),  ASCASO, SGL and many others.
Consumables for professional coffee machines


We offer all kinds of consumables for professional coffee machines. Here you can find a wide variety of coffee beans, coffee doses, instant coffee, milk, chocolate, tea, sugar, vending cups, vending stirrers and others.
Ground coffee


"ZAGATTO" LTD. offers you the best ground coffee for the Ho.Re.Ca sector. The company has extensive experience in the fastest growing sector of Ho.Re.Ca. We have a wide assortment of ground coffee of various brands, specially designed coffees for use in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. We work with the top quality products of leading European brands, market leaders in Bulgaria and Europe, offering high-end ground coffee. They are the preferred choice of hotels, restaurants and cafes, as they are a guarantee of ground coffee with exceptional quality, taste and very good price.
The company offers high quality ground coffee for automatic and bar machines of brands: COVIM, PERA, GARIBALDI and others, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy an irresistible coffee with a wonderful aroma, exquisite taste and a strong toning action.
Coffee machines for free use


“ZAGATTO” LTD. has many years of experience in Ho.Re.Ca. sector and is an official importer of leading European producers of coffee and coffee machines.
Being a leading company in this field and importing a full range of top quality products that are suitable even for the most capricious taste, it provides its customers with the opportunity to obtain: COFFEE MACHINES, COFFEEGRINDER and PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS FREE against a corresponding program to be bound by our products.
We provide full service – from survey based on our cliends needs of a type and a model of a coffee machine, to supplying all necessary consumables and advertising materials.
In order to feel the exceptional taste of the various blends of coffee, we offer high-tech machines with a sophisticated design.
THE ADVANTAGES THAT DISTINGUISH US: high quality products, professional level of service and exclusive prices.