At Zagatto.com, you can find a wide variety of coffee machines, vending machines, coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee and coffee doses.

“Zagatto” Ltd. is a enterprising and modern company, which for many years ranks among the leaders in the distribution and trade of high quality vending machines and coffee machines and consumables. We offer the full range of: coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee, coffee in doses, chocolate, milk, cappuccino, shake, tea, cups, stirrers, vending machines and coin mechanisms, new and recycled second hand hot and cold beverages , as well as for packaged products. We are also successful in horeca and retail sectors. We work with established partners and clients in over 16 countries.


“Zagatto” Ltd. is a leading company in the field of Vending Industry in Southeastern Europe. We offer a full range of machines and high-quality products such as: coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee,coffee doses, chocolate, milk, cappuccino, shake, tea, cups, stirrers, new vending machines, recycled vending machines used for hot and chilled beverages, as well as packaged articles, coin mechanisms.


“Zagatto” Ltd. has been working in the Ho.Re.Ca sector for many years. Provides a full range of equipment (automatic machines, bar machines,machines for doses, new and recycled second-hand machines) promotional materials (branded glasses, napkins, kits, etc.) and a wide selection of supplies (coffee beans, , ground coffee and instant coffee). Although from the very beginning “Zagatto” Ltd. confidently entered the trade network – the so-called Retail.


As a leader in the field of coffee trade, “Zagatto” Ltd. is one of the first companies to keep up with the world trends and for years is offering to its clients encapsulated coffee systems: the two varieties of coffee doses – capsules and a filter pods and a variety of coffee machines for doses. We are offering coffee doses of the Italian brand COVIM, PERA, Garibaldi, organic bio coffee PURO, as well as Belgium espresso MIKO.