Vending / Vending machines and consumables spare parts

“Zagatto” Ltd. is one of the largest trading and distribution companies for vending machines, vending and coffee vending machines for South East Europe vending machines. The company offers a wide variety of: coffee machines for vending machines and vending machines (coffee beans, instant coffee, soluble coffee), soluble products (milk, tea, chocolate and others), vending machines, payment systems, spare parts and fiscal devices for vending machines .
We are proud to be official importers of leading European vending companies, which are manufacturers of: beverages and vending machines, coffee machines and vending machines.
These are the brands whose names are well known and established in the market, a symbol of quality and fair attitude towards all customers:

“Zagatto” Ltd. is the place where you will find everything you need for the quality service of vending machines at low cost!
Our mission is to give moments of happiness and delight to our clients!
You can always rely on honesty and punctuality in service, constant employee responsiveness, and consistent quality of all products and services available!

Professionalism is constant!
We are expecting you!

Consumables for vending machines

“Zagatto” Ltd. offers everything you need to load a vending machine: a rich variety of coffee beans; soluble products – milk, tea, chocolate, cappuccino; sugar; cups for vending machines – plastic and cardboard vending cups; vending machines, vending machines and other vending supplies at the best prices.
The company offers drinks for vending machines, which are distinguished by superior quality and excellent taste:

  • Coffee beans: Covim, Pera, Garibaldi, Simat, ICS, Puro Fairtrade, Vandino.
  • Instant coffee: Ristora, ICS, Vandino.
  • Milk: Ristora, ICS, Regilait, Simat, Vandino.
  • Chocolate: Ristora, ICS, Simat, Vandino.
  • Tea: Ristora, ICS, Simat.

Here you will also find accessories for vending machines: cardboard cups and plastic cups made of high quality materials, vending stirrers – different sizes, as well as vending machines: new and second hand, as well as all necessary spare parts for vending machines we offer.
The products offered here are from leading brands – leaders of the world vending market. This makes us even more demanding and diligent in our work. We strive to satisfy the client’s requirements in all aspects and we achieve it so far.
“Zagatto” is the place where you will get all the necessary supplies for vending machines at low prices but with high quality!
The constant quality of the products you use to load vending machines ensures a constant flow of satisfied customers, and we can provide it for you!

Coffee beans for vending machines

“Zagatto” Ltd offers you the best coffee bean for Vending machines. The company has long experience in the vending industry. We have a wide assortment of coffee beans of different brands, specially designed coffees for use in vending machines. We work with the top quality products of leading European brands, leading vendors in Bulgaria and Europe, offering high-grade coffee beans. They are the preferred choice of vendor operators across Europe, as their brands are a guarantee of coffee beans with exceptional quality, taste and at a very good price.
The company offers high-quality coffee beans for brands such as Covim, Pera, Garibaldi, Vandino, ICS and Simat, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy an irresistible coffee with a wonderful aroma, exquisite taste and a strong toning action.

Instant coffee / soluble coffee

Instant coffee or soluble coffee have an extremely wide use all over the world for the easy way of preparation. To prepare one cup of instant coffee, you only need a glass of hot water and a spoon of instant coffee.

“Zagatto” Ltd. offers a variety of instant coffee / soluble coffee brands: Ristora, ICS & Vandino.
For our customers we especially provide high quality soluble coffee at good prices, which you could prepare at home, in the office or through a vending machine.

Vending machines

“Zagatto” Ltd. is the best choice for sale, delivery and warranty service of vending machines. We offer a wide variety of vending machines. Here you can find both new and used vending machines. Here you can also find:

Fiscal devices

“Zagatto” Ltd. offers fiscal devices (cash registers) for vending machines.

Payment systems

Payment systems (coin mechanisms) for vending machines.

Spare parts for vending machines

We offer:
– a complete set of brand vending machine spare parts: N & W Global Vending, National Rejectors Inc., Ascaso, John Guest, SGL, STS;
– professional full service of vending machines – from the study of the needs for the type and the model of the vending machine and the coin mechanism to the guaranteed servicing – all this done by specialists with long experience in the field of the vending sector;
– service, recycling and renovation of vending machines, coin mechanisms and payment systems for vending machines;