ZETA 450/5

The ZETA 450/5 vending machine has been completely renovated and repaired in the official "ZAGATTO" LTD service center. The machine is in excellent technical condition and with a perfect appearance, with brand new and original spare parts - ready to work. The photos of the vending machine are real.
Version: C&B
Number Selections 5
Max number cans 440
Max number bottles 220
High:  1830 мм
Width: 910 мм
Depth:  720 мм
Weight:  290 кг

  • ZETA 450/5 will let you enjoy the drink you want in a busy day.
  • The machine is in perfect condition and ready to use.
  • The vending machine can work with the old cans of 0.330 ml as well as 0.500 ml.
  • Price on request.