"ZAGATO" LTD is an enterprising and modern company and it is one of the leaders in the distribution and trade of high quality vending machines and coffee machines and consumables already for many years.

We offer the full range of: coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee, coffee doses, chocolate, milk, cappuccino, shake, tea, cups, stirrers, coin mechanisms and vending machines - new and recycled for hot and cold beverages , as well as for packaged products. We also successfully develop in the horeca and retail sectors.

"ZAGATTO" LTD company is located on 7125 sq. m. own area, with including 5800 sq. m. a closed base.
"ZAGATTO" LTD also offers warehouse places for rent, which are located in the industrial and logistic developed area.

The company operates in a variety of fields, but the high professionalism and the quality of the products and services offered are unifying for all of them and are at the heart of "ZAGATTO" LTD.


"ZAGATTO" LTD meets all requirements and works according to the ISO 9001-2008 quality standard. This certificate is intended to certify a global standard of quality and trust! It is another gesture of respect and gratitude to our clients and partners and also another advantage for us in front of our competitors! Thank you for choosing to work on a global level!