Refurbished/repaired KARISMA - in excellent technical condition and perfect finish, repainted with brand new and original spare parts of N & W Global Vending/Necta - ready for work. This automatic coffee machine specialized for coffees is equipped with the N&W Z4000 coffee maker specially designed for HoReCa applications. The Milk PerFoamer is a state-of-the-art automatic cappuccino used to prepare high quality dairy drinks with an automatic cleaning and rinsing mode.
Type: Espresso 2 + Instant + Fresh milk
Brewer: Espresso Z4000 (capacity of 7 to 15 gr.)
Display: Capacitive 7-inch touch screen
Steam wand: Yes
Lateral hot water: Yes
Automatic cappuccinatore: Yes
Selections: 12
Canisters: 3
Beans capacity: 1.2 kg.
Soluble canister(s) capacity: 1.8 kg (chocolate), 1.8 kg (gingseng), 0.75 kg (milk), 0.5 kg (orzo)
Hourly output: 200 cups, 20lt hot water
Height: 550mm, 750mm (with bean grinder)
Width: 400 mm
Depth: 600 mm
Depth with door open: 855 mm
Weight: ~60 kg
Height of delivery area: from 75mm to 150mm
Voltage: 230 V (16 A), 400 V, 230 V (38 A)
Frequency: 50Hz
Power consumption: 3150 W (230 V(16 A)), 8800 W (400 V-230 V (38 A))
Boilers: 3
Boiler capacity: 1 for Espresso 0.5 lt, 1 for steam 0.8 lt, 1 for instant beverages 0.5 lt
Solid waste container: 60/70 doses